Summary: Tube and Pipe, for editing of tubes or pipes, once pipe has been generated, a set of 3D points exist, allow these points to be edited by a table. Link table to an excel spread sheet, if an excel file was used to create the points, maintain that link for editing of tube/pipe feature.

Description: Table for 3D points - points driven by table with values X, Y, Z it could be used for pipe route and for changes to pipe route.
I would like to have ability to input coordinates for 3D points and their names in Excel.
After linking them to Inventor, I would like to revise their values in Excel again and update their new position. 3D Point properties should have dialog box with occurrence values for X,Y,Z where I can type new values base from origin of WCS ( we should be able to do it in part or assembly)

How Used: to generate pipe route

Feature Affinity: Tube and Pipe (Inventor Professional)

Submitted By: Mariusz Kolarz on February 14, 2010