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    Default using fillet

    Hi all

    I am working on a lisp which draws some entities (collection of lines and arcs which are connected end to end and with same z value) and then performs fillet on them.

    I searched on internet and came to know that fillet does not work by providing entity names, instead we should provide information in the form returned by (entsel) function. Now I have drawn entities in the drawing and if I prompt user to select the entities by calling entget the prupose of creating an automation routine fails. I want to some how create list of the same form which is returned by (entsel), so that I can pass such lists to fillet for each pair of entities that I want to fillet. I am having problem about creating such list. Can we create such a list (entityname pt).

    If above is not possible is their some other way to make the fillet command work. If I call it by just providing entity names such as

    (command "_fillet" "r" rad_val "_fillet" ent1 ent2 "")


    (command "fillet" "r" rad_val ent1 ent2)

    it behavior is unpredictable.

    Any cool help will be deeply appreciated.

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    Default Re: using fillet

    Entsel basically returns a list containing the following:
    (<EntityName> '(X Y Z))
    The '(X Y Z) is a list representing the XYZ coordinates as a 3d point of where the cursor was when the user clicked the mouse button. So in the case of fillet, it "should" work if that point is anywhere on the entity. So first you'll have to calculate a point on the entity (could be an endpoint, but with fillet I don't think so). You may want to look into the vlax-curve-XXX functions ... they help a lot when using arcs & polylines.

    To create the list after you've obtained the point you simply use the list function:
    (command "._FILLET" "_Radius" rad_val
             (list ent1 pt1)
             (list ent2 pt2)
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