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Thread: Autodesk Shared Parameters File

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    Default Autodesk Shared Parameters File

    I am interested in this idea of having all the company families built around the Autodesk Shared Parameter file. We have been working with Revit for a few years now and as such we have developed quite a bit of our own content based on our own Shared Parameters. While what we have currently works the idea of future development of families is a little bit of a headache. The reason for that is when we initially started to create content for Revit we had enough knowledge of family creation to be dangerous. Now looking back, the families or shared parameters that were originally developed are exactly that, dangerous. We don't use a lot of what we developed in the first few months, however creating new content necessitates new shared parameters that are more useful. Therefore we are trying to develop them around a standard so that we aren't doing this again in a year. The Autodesk file seems like a good place to design around, but what do we do about our old content that is working well but is based on our old Shared Parameters file? Can a project have families that use shared parameters from different files. Can a family support shared parameters from different files? I would like to hear from any one who may have already gone through this process. Is it worth it to update all of our content to match Autodesk's file or would the development of a new standard file on our own be more appropriate?

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    Default Re: Autodesk Shared Parameters File

    I feel your pain. We're standing on a similar threshold trying to carve our path forward better than the one we've left behind.

    I know that I have loaded project parameters from multiple shared parameter files into one project, but I don't recall trying that on a family. I don't think Revit maintains a "link" to the shared parameter file like it does for keyed notes. I think it only references that shared parameter file so that it can find that unique ID code for each shared parameter. It "should" allow you to switch back and forth between multiple shared parameter files. "Should" is my favorite word for Revit.

    I like the idea of the Autodesk shared parameter file since any decent manufacturer content will be built around that same standard - and will make scheduling easier.

    Good Luck!

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