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Thread: Process of making Vent Piping

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    Default Process of making Vent Piping

    So I have searched the forums for this and kinda surprised I haven't seen anything on this, or maybe I just missed it. But I would like to know what others are making vent piping. I have built families with other connectors for venting (see picture: Fixture with Pre-Piping) and I have also made different piping for venting (see picture: Fixture without Pre-Piping). There are pros and cons to both ways, but I was wanting to get some other ideas and see if there is a better way. If someone does know of a post that already goes over this stuff, can you point me to it. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Process of making Vent Piping

    im in the same boat. i tried filters and also created a new family and changed the parameters. etc.. but i always loose the fixture unit counts.

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    Default Re: Process of making Vent Piping

    I ran across this issue also, i just made a plumbing fixture connector family of a short extrusion with a san and an "other" vent connector and threw in it above the tee, I'm really new at this so this is probably not he best way, can't use it above the cut plane.
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