I am working in a project and using AutoCAD 2010 and made some excel files as OLE connection with the original file and few other AutoCAD files as xref . Whole file size around 7000KB. Now the whole file became slow, every time when i am trying to change from model space to paper space or opening layer manager, or passing new command to execute, it is taking longer time and very frequently automatically it is go to “qsave” command.

I have set the auto save to 9 min, i did the Auditing and purge for the whole drawings, my computer has 2 GB memory.

Could anyone knows how to stop this "qsave" command, which is happening very frequently and automatically and taking long time to save, during that time i have to wait nearly 20 to 30 sec until the quick save is finished. how i could make the file faster that means it will execute the command without refreshing the whole file and avoiding “qsave” command.

/Mohammed Asaduzzaman