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Thread: 'Draw Order' - reprise

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    Default 'Draw Order' - reprise

    I have a need to control the Draw Order again, this time it's with views. I was unable to get the floor plan to look the way I wanted so I have created multiple views and overlap them on a sheet. That works fine as long as all of the views are set to Wire Frame. There is one view I need to block out pieces of another, so it's set to Hidden Line. How do I control the draw order of that view. Thanks.

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    Default Re: 'Draw Order' - reprise

    I am also having an issue with draw order. In my case it's not about printing, but just working in a plan where an annotation is in the way. Please see the attached image.

    I would like to "send to back" so it is still visible but behind the plan. I know I can use a temporary hide, but if there is another solution I would love to hear it.

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