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Thread: turning ACADs coordinates into usable text?

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    Default turning ACADs coordinates into usable text?

    I need an easy way to list the coordinates of a single point, not a survey or Civil 3D point, but like the point on the end of the line. When the cursor snaps to it, the coordinates are listed in the bottom left of the screen but i cant seem to find a way to turn that information into usable text without writing them down then entering it into MTEXT.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: turning ACADs coordinates into usable text?

    Look into using FIELDs within text.
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    Default Re: turning ACADs coordinates into usable text?

    Not sure if this will help or not, you could use the ID command with your command line window open; pick the open and copy and paste form the command line window.
    If you have a ton of them you just want to list in sequence, there was a lisp routine I used once upon a time that would get the coords of all points (but you'd need to add points to your drawing) and put them in a text file that excel would understand.
    I'm thinking there has to be a better way to do this though. A one pick id point tool. I'm sure someone has done something close to this.
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    Default Re: turning ACADs coordinates into usable text?

    Quote Originally Posted by Opie View Post
    Look into using FIELDs within text.
    Based on what Opie said, try this.

    1) Draw a circle on a point you want to ID.
    2) next to that circle draw an MTEXT box
    3) Insert a field into that MTEXT
    4) Select field category, Object, Object type, select the circle then select center.
    5) Now copy the circle on any point you like and regen. The Mtext will update with it's id point. You can clip copy the text contents or use them to display the coordinates.

    (I used Acad 2009 to do this)

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