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Thread: Revert from Wiggle Pen back to CAD lines?

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    Default Revert from Wiggle Pen back to CAD lines?

    I've been importing CAD files into Impressions and have been applying the wiggle pen effect to the entire drawing on import. This seemed to be the simplest way to get what I want except I want to remove the wiggle effect from certain other layers like title blocks and hatch patterns. Most of my patterns become flooded from the squiggle effect and line extensions.

    Is there any way to set certain layers back to "None" or no styles applied? I couldn't find an option for this.

    I end up turning my rock and sand patterns off and having to use only color but I know having the patterns on will really enhance the presentation of the drawing.

    Any suggestions please provide me with some info or method of correcting this.


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    Default Re: Revert from Wiggle Pen back to CAD lines?

    Damn, I'm sad that no one even answered here If I knew, I would definitely help you. I hope you found the answer

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