We usually have a performance specification for fire protection systems. We only layout fire protection mains on plans, and specify our control zones and sprinkler types per area.

For projects in a certain jurisdiction, we are required to show all sprinkler heads and sprinkler piping layouts on our plans. Though we have been working in Revit for over 3 years now, we are just now encountering our first Revit project where this is a requirement.

My sprinkler heads are all from Victaulic's website, except for the upright sprinkler head, which is from Autodesk's general library, and the only customization I've done is to add our custom symbols in plan view. We have made a pipe type called Fire-Black Steel. We did not create fire protection systems, because we are outsourcing the calculations.

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how to facilitate sprinkler pipe routing because it is proving to be quite difficult. It appears as though the pipes join a system without us adding the sprinklers to a system, making it difficult to select a single pipe. Additionally, the piping tries to connect to the sprinklers when it's anywhere near a sprinkler head.

I searched the forums and saw one comment that the auto-routing feature actually works for fire protection layout, but that is the only advice I've seen on here. Any help is appreciated.