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Thread: Import xml .idw Inventor 2011

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    Wink Import xml .idw Inventor 2011


    I m a new member on this forum.

    Firstly and sorry for my bad english but I am french.

    I use Inventor 2011 for my project.

    I have create a part in 3D, and to automatise the conception I import the values with a XML document. It s very easy. With this function it very easy to change the value (I use a software for the creation of the xml document).

    Now, I am trying to create a 2D drawing, (idw) with a legend. I would like to import all the informations in the table (standard, materials, name of the part... ) ( legend) only using a XML document. Do you know if I can create a relation between the user parameters and the texts Notes or label text on my 2D drawing ?

    Could you help me ?

    Thank you in advance.


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    Default Re: Import xml .idw Inventor 2011

    Please note I have moved this thread from the AutoCAD General Forum to this one as I feel this particular Forum is a more appropriate place for such a topic.


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    Default Re: Import xml .idw Inventor 2011

    Hey, Fred,
    If I understand you correctly, you want to use your ipt or iam parameters in text notes in your idw.

    Go into your parameters of your ipt or iam. I recommend naming the parameters you want.
    Next, check the export box next to the parameters you want.
    Go into your idw file. Open the text dialog. Change the type to Custom Properties-Model, then choose the property from the drop-down. Finally, press the x button and accept the dialog.

    I've included a picture that I hope clarifies things. The x button is circled, and you can ignore the A button that's circled. That was for another demonstration.

    Hope this helps.

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