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Thread: Using Navisworks Activex in Powerpoint

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    Default Using Navisworks Activex in Powerpoint

    I've inserted the Naviwsorks control on a PowerPoint slide and linked it to my model. When I open the slide, I can navigate around the model...Sweet! Now I can do the presentation without jumping out and loading up Navisworks. Now here's the problem. We want to package up the PowerPoint, burn it to CDs, and shoot them out to customers.
    However, PowerPoint won't package the NW Activex control and warns that computers used to view the presentation must have the control installed. We can't expect them to install Freedom just to view the presentation. So, how can we get the activex control deployed on the CD witth the presentation?

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    Default Re: Using Navisworks Activex in Powerpoint

    You can't. They need the activex control. And I don't know if that even installs with Freedom. You might need a full version to get the activex control. You would have to write your own script to autorun the install quietly off the cd if you can get the msi for the activex control.

    Does it need to be Navisworks? The DWF viewer activex might come preinstalled on vista and windows 7, since they added native support for those. Takes longer to load the DWF activex though. You can make a 3D PDF and then use the Acrobat activex control, and chances are they are can view PDFs.

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