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    Default None for Plotter

    I'll try to be as cryptic and short as I can. Plotter drivers were installed directly onto each computer. There was a problem with the network and drivers could not connect with network. IT personnel decided to put drivers in printer server. I'm trying to plot and in plot dialogue box I select the plotter I want to plot to. A couple seconds after choosing said plotter, my plotter choice is automatically changed to "None". I cannot print to this plotter through this driver. I can however send pdf's to this plotter. So my work around is to create pdf's and send them to the plotter. I have also tried to send a plot to this plotter via old DOS method using -plot. When I am asked for the plotter name, I get fatal error when I enter it. I am able to send this drawing that will not plot to a smaller printer which allows me to print onto 11x17. So that tells me the drawing is okay. I am out of ideas. Any you could offer would be appreciated. I am using AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 on Windows XP system. Thanks!

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    Delete the printer in Windows Printers folder and recreate it.

    If you are using a PC3 file for the plotter, you will need to recreate it too.
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