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Thread: Computer keeps crashing????

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    Default Computer keeps crashing????

    One of our guys has a Dell 5150
    Pentium D
    3 GB RAM
    XP Professional

    Keep getting a running out of system memory and crashing.

    Anybody else have this problem or know why it may be doing it?


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    Default Re: Computer keeps crashing????

    Well it depends on the program you are using and what version it is but your first problem is XP. There a plenty reasons why it would crash but the number 1 I have found is that your temp files is too full.

    Go and right click on your C drive and click properties. Then click on the disc clean up tool that is there. Once it has scanned make sure that you have the recycle bing and Temporary folders ticked on and let it do the clean up. See if this helps, if not give us a little more information on the programs and their versions.

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    Default Re: Computer keeps crashing????

    To add to Elmo's reply, it's not only the program but the size of your files. Are you working with large 3D files? Also, is your system using integrated graphics or one of the Radeon cards?
    Glenn Pope
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    Default Re: Computer keeps crashing????

    I'm not sure if this affects all products but from this white paper I upgraded from XP to Vista and the out of memory issues disapeared.


    AutoCAD Civil 3D needs memory in contiguous blocks of varying sizes. If a block of
    memory large enough for a particular requested allocation by Civil 3D is not available,
    then out-of-memory scenarios can occur. The longer a session of Civil 3D has been
    running, the more fragmented the available memory becomes due to the various
    allocations and releases of memory that occur during different Civil 3D sessions.


    The operating system is one of the most influential factors affecting performance of Civil
    3D, not the hardware itself.


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    Default Re: Computer keeps crashing????

    Maybe time to invest in a more powerful 64 bit machine with a minimum of 8 GB of RAM if the files are big. We have a few files that require the user(s) have a x64 machine to do the computational work. Otherwise on a 32 bit machine the user will get a out of system memory error in no time.

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