Firstly could someone knowledgeable please tell me steps how get here again - I've just spent an age flipping all over site looking for 'post new thread here’? Result is I apologise this is likely not right place for this one.
Q. How to constrain tubes through wall of another larger dia at 90° to axis (& other angles too perhaps). I've wrestled with this and cannot get any joy with work planes so to get by I created a sq section 'ghost part' to position in iam inside large tube with holes in surface at the positions the tubes need to intersect. This enables to set concentricity & insertion depth but it's mighty cumbersome & causes problems not least with mass property despite ticking suppress/not enabled etc, as well as having visibility off for planting idw views (frustration with representation views concept too). I thought being either or both suppressed & not enabled would subtract the mass value from the assembly? These things are scores of tonnes!
Would be truly impressed if anyone could explain the easy solution to these irritations, 'coos I'm sure there is one. As my instructor told me ages, '....if it's difficult you're doing it the wrong way'!