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Thread: That it would stop crashing

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    Angry That it would stop crashing

    My wish is that Civil 3D would stop crashing while I am working in it.

    If it is going to crash I better be able to save my latest drawing before it kicks me out.

    I am going to set my autosave to every 10 minutes because of the lack of stability.

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    Some of that trashing and crashing of your drawings
    is 3D's fault and some is you doing things it doesn't
    like you to do.

    Example, just today in class we set up some parcels
    with a minimum size. Then a user experimenting with it
    set up an alignment and a ROW through those lots.
    3D promptly exploded. Why, because that ROW take
    violated the minimum lot size specified when they were defined.
    Simple right?

    Although it does have serious stability issues without you help!

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    Default Re: That it would stop crashing

    I'm wondering Civil 3d is even ready for the market or could even be called a workable program at this point. The parcel manager consistely crashes and recovering files will not work even though audit says there are no problems.

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    3D is not ready for the production line by any means, it takes too much jumping through hoops to get the product out of 3D and into Land. What it is so far, is a fairly quick rule of thumb tool for preliminary layout, not much else that I can see. When it gets the pipes, Hydro and other tools incorporated into it and functioning, then it will be ready for prime time. JMHO

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    Our office just started using Civil 3D after trying it out for a while last month. There is a Service Pack 1 just out that we installed that seems to solve some of the stability issues for us.

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