We have a multi-building project, where each building is linked into a "master" file for purposes such as the site plan, door schedule and window schedule. We are doing the actual drawings (keynoting, etc.) for each building in the individual building files.

We would like to create a schedule in the master file of certain project information from each building (various state application numbers, occupancy types, occupancy load, etc.). We tried a test where we created and populated shared parameters for this project information in one of the buildings and then brought the parameters into the master file and created the schedule. The parameters came in, but the actual data did not. It shows up as just the category headings in the schedule. What simple step are we missing? (The door and window schedules are showing up just fine, so we know it is not a problem with the building being unloaded from the master file.)

We would also like to include area for each building on this schedule. How can we do that automatically, rather than having to manually enter in the building area as part of the project information in each building file?

Thank you!