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Thread: Navisworks - search set not retaining values

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    Default Navisworks - search set not retaining values

    I am creating search sets to find walls with a top extension distance at a specified distance. I have created 2 different search sets. The figures for the top extension distance being for one of the search sets is -0.065 and the other search set being -0.251. Both of the numbers are selected from the drop down box as they exist for some of the walls in the Revit drawing.

    This issue I have is the search set works perfect in the job I set the search set up in, but doesn’t work in any of the jobs I import the search set to. It doesn’t find the walls. To fix the problem in the job, the search set doesn’t work for, I need to go to the find formula and re-select the same value in the drop down box for the -0.061 or the -0.0251 and then it works. For some reason it is not retaining the functionality of the Top extension distance in the search set find formula. Is this a problem with Navisworks or is it coming through from Revit in a format Navisworks can’t read it. Can you please send through some suggestions.
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    Default Re: Navisworks - search set not retaining values

    First order of business, please attach image files rather than Word files. The latter can contain malicious code so many will not open them as a security measure. Not to mention it's an unnecessary extra step on both our parts.
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