Windows 7 Ultimate, Navisworks Manage 2011. 3 monitors, left to right 1, 2, and 3. I run NW on #2 in the middle.

I had an NWF made up of several dwgs appended to an NWC from Revit. The screen started behaving oddly, and ultimately the mouse would disappear from the model portion of the Revit screen, and reappear in the upper left hand corner of monitor 1. I could sneak the mouse over on the windows bar at the bottom, but as soon as I moved it up to the model space it would vanish and reappear in the upper left of M1.

So today I rebuilt the NWF with the NWC and dwgs and got them all aligned. Everything is trucking along and then I get a windows message that it's having trouble with the colors, and then it tells me it's reverting to windows classic. No problem, keep working, start running clashes. Now I'm getting intermittent issues with pan, zoom box, etc. I can zoom box but the program zooms on a completely different area of the model. Or I can use the scroll wheel to zoom when using the pan tool and get no effect, in or out. Control cube just vanished as I was typing this.

Are these known issues with an easy fix? I have two projects with major deadlines on this and everything is hinging on the coordination, and I'm dead in the water right now.