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Thread: Edgesurf into Viz problem

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    Default Edgesurf into Viz problem

    I know I'm doing something stupid, but I can't figure it out. I have an Autocad drawing that has an edgesurf in it. When I link or import into Viz 2008 (dwg saved as 2007) the wireframe mesh appears until I try to map it or modify it in any way, then it disappears. I cant get the faces to show as surfaces. What am I doing wrong?

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    Default Re: Edgesurf into Viz problem

    Holy backface culling! It sounds like the faces on the surface are flipped (facing down). This is pretty common with ACAD imports. Try collapsing to Edit Polly or Mesh and select all the faces to flip.

    The geometry will appear fine until mapped. Default materials are one sided and will not show up in the viewport if on the "negative" side of a face. Let us know if that doesn't work.
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