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Thread: Cannot offset from alignment.

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    Default Cannot offset from alignment.


    I have a wierd problem. I create an alignment, then I do the offset command and offset say 3.5m it works fine. I get a polyline, PERFECT just what I want. I then go in and put in 2 horizontal curves, each 3000m in radius with a 5m tangent between them. The curves are only about 75m long. I offset, and I get a error saying "Cannot offset that Object". What!

    So I do another test alignment. Do that same thing, draw it with 1 PI, offset, works fine. Toss in a free curve fillet (I have tried other curves, same thing) and it works fine. Offsets the alignment like a champ.

    So then I think maybe the curve is too big in my inital alignment and try to offset by 0.1 then 0.01 then 0.001. But I keep getting the same error as before. I recreate the alignment once, 2,3 times and it is the same problem. Does anyone have any idea why this is happeneing. I have never had this happen before and I have made lots of alignments with even bigger radii.

    It is really frustrating. The alignment is 4.4km long. Would that affect it? Why?


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    Default Re: Cannot offset from alignment.

    Can you post the drawing?
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