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Thread: Drawing Window View to Project Browser View

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    Default Drawing Window View to Project Browser View

    Summary: Provide a means to move from an open drawing view to the Project Browser and end up with the view selected in the Projecct Browser.

    Description: Right click on a view with an option to take you to the view in the project browser. With hundreds of views listed in the project browser it is hard at times to find the opened view.

    How Used: This is particularly important when I need to add the view I'm working on to a sheet. First I have to browse through a long list of views to find it then drag it to a sheet.

    Feature Affinity: Settings - Project Browser

    Submitted By: Brian Derrick on September 8, 2010

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    Default Re: Drawing Window View to Project Browser View

    A command to highlight/show/bold/scroll-to/go-to open view in project browser.
    (highlight view in Project Browser)

    Particularly important when lots of views & sheets.
    should work on both sheets and views.

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