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Thread: image transparency - best program?

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    Default image transparency - best program?

    We are currently looking at getting new autodesk based software that we can produce drawings in that have .ecw images that can be faded (so the imgaes can come in at real co-ordinates). We currently are using AutoCAD 2009 to produce the drawings then using CivilCAD 3D 2009 to attach and print drawings. The onlt problem is we can't make fade the image. What products are others using for this? We used to convert the images to .jpg and align them in AutoCAD, but this is just a big time waster.
    Thanks in advance for your suggestions

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    Default Re: image transparency - best program?

    AutoCad 2011 has a new feature where you can adjust the transparancy of objects on each layer - including images. I use aerial photos for background images for site development and roadway alignment planning.
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    Default Re: image transparency - best program?

    Raster Design, will let you convert the images in place and retain the insertion information. and can export a world file for the new format.
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