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    In 2010/2011, when I plot in paper space and use the window option, it doesn't show a preview of the last area that was plotted/selected. It does show the preview in model space (See image). Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!
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    I have seen that in the layout space before but not the model space, this can be solved for layouts by going to options>display>display printable area (tick on or off)

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    Firstly ... I prefer not using the window option in PS. Makes it difficult at best to plot multiple drawings.

    That being said, there may be situations when you want to do it temporarily - just DON'T ASSIGN to layout. Please

    What you may be experiencing is the very slight difference in contrast on PS. You'll hardly be able to see the bounding box of the previous window picked - it's there if you look very closely, but it's difficult to see. As NorcoCAD's stated you can't see it if the either / both of the Display printable area and Display paper background is turned on in the Options / Display dialog. The contras used is simply too close to notice on most screens.

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