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Thread: Dry utility routing as objects??

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    Default Dry utility routing as objects??

    Hi all.

    I am currently working on the second phase of a fairly large (280+ units) subdivision project. We were thinking that it might be nice to define all of our dry utilities and water as 'objects' in order to have the ability to produce them in profile view, x-sect views, and possibly even in axonometric view in order to avoid some of the costly conflicts that we sometimes encounter at multiple x-ing intersections. I've thought of creating templates that have all of the x-sectional info for the utilities, then defining all of the utility linework as transition alignments attached to the respective template entities (not even sure that this would work, i.e. multiple transition regions w/ different elevations in same x-y plane.) Or, possibly defining utility linework as alignments and creating utility only templates (i.e. 3/4" circle...but not sure if that would work as not sure as what to define as top surface and what to define as datum.) It seems that either of these methods would solve some of my problems (if even possible) but neither would produce profile views.. Does anyone know of any after-market overlay products that may make something like this possible? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    Bill Fellman

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    Default Re: Dry utility routing as objects??

    Could you do this in pipeworks?

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    Default Re: Dry utility routing as objects??

    I have a Water DFM set up to place it at the appropriate cover depth in my pipeworks. It would probably be fairly easy to modify those to the "Dry" utilities as well. The glitch would be when you had, say a bank of 24 2" conduits ( 4 x 6 matrix ). Although Pipeworks will bring in the ellipse and you have to move it from the bottom to the center to get it at the right elevations, it is easier than plotting each crossing in a spreadsheet or by hand.
    Mark Hultgren
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