Summary: When checking in assemblies, show which dependant files are required to be saved. The system knows that files/parts have be updated, list which parts are required to be saved.

Description: I would like Inventor to tell which sub-assembly or part file(s) need(s) to be saved when it refuses to "Check In" an assembly file.

How Used: When Inventor shoes the "[...] dependant files need to be saved before they can be checked in. Save and continue ?" message, it would be MUCH less of a hassle if it actually specified the file(s) that need to be saved. I work with assemblies that often have upwards of 50 subs and parts, it would save lots of time if I knew the exact file(s) that need saving instead of going fishing for it (them).

Feature Affinity: Assemblies

Submitted By: Pierre Marcotte on December 21, 2009