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Thread: Construction line editing help

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    Default Construction line editing help


    I'm new to autocad and at present am using 2008.
    Is it possible (and how do you do it) to change the construction line colour (so you don't have to change layers) and add ruler markings to the construction lines to help set out a drawing.
    Any help, pointers to help videos, etc, would be much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Construction line editing help

    1. You can change the colour from the colour drop-down control but "bylayer" is generally recommended.

    2. Look into the GRID [F7 to toggle on/off] and SNAP(to grid) [F9 to toggle] commands and settings.
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    Default Re: Construction line editing help

    I'm unsure what you mean by "construction" lines. You mean XLines, or Rays, or could this be any old line? If only the 1st 2, it's possible to make this automatic using Lisp ... but the last is not so easy. You could set the line's colour to something which you change your plot style table to print as white or 0% screening - thus it won't show up on the paper.

    But I'd highly advise you to start using layers in earnest (and try to steer clear of changing colours away from ByLayer). This sort of thing just causes problems further along, especially when you start using xrefs - but even if you're never using xrefs, it makes standardization a breeze in comparison.
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