Our custom cui (TCA-ARCH.cui) has 5 Pull down menus currently labeled POP1 thru POP5. Initial load of the cui gives the correct menu, but, every new drawing opened or created results in one of the Pull down menus dissapearing starting with our POP1 sequentially to POP5 and then the EXPRESS menu (which is also POP1) shifts left of the WINDOW pull down and the HELP Pull down dissappears. From then on, there are no more disappearing Pull downs, but, when Autocad is closed re-opened the menus is still degraded this way. Reloading the TCA-ARCH.cui restores the correct number and order of Pull downs, but, the problem persists and I can't expect staff to keep reloading menus.

I have searched all the posts here and in other forums and have had no luck. A lot of users are asking how to get the menubar to show up and that makes the search for this very difficult to isolate.

Any help would be appreciated.