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Thread: Addition of multiple polyline

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    Question Re: Addition of multiple polyline

    Just to clarify my process.

    1) I first copied the entire foo code.
    2) Next pasted the code into notepad.
    3) I saved to my desktop as filename "foo.lsp" and type as "all files" changed from "text documents (*txt.)" and kept the encoding as "ANSI'.
    4) Next drug the foo.lsp shortcut from my desktop into the model space. It says it loaded but the command didnt work after it prompted me to select objects.

    5) To verify it loaded correct I went to the Manage Tab ->Load Application->and reloaded the code and it said the foo was successfully loaded. Same successfull load confirmation came up for the foo and the tlen commands.
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    Default Re: Addition of multiple polyline

    There has to be somehting going on, it really should not be this difficult.

    To simplify, I've attached FOO.lsp for you to download.

    Edit: Please post the command line text for load, and command attempts.

    *Most* developers I know, would recommend using a load statement in ACADDOC.lsp (or even autoload for that matter) in lieu of the Load Application method, but this can be addressed after we get you some working code.

    For example:
    (load "<FilePath>\\Foo.lsp")
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    Default Re: Addition of multiple polyline

    Just for grins....

    Copy the "foo" code to the clipboard directly from this page.
    Make extra sure that you only copy from the starting "(" to the final ")" (do not get any extras spaces at the start or end)
    Switch over to AutoCAD.
    Click once in the Command Prompt area
    Right-click and paste the code in, press ENTER once.
    Now run FOO.

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    Default Re: Addition of multiple polyline

    Quote Originally Posted by William.Gares View Post
    The file seems to load fine. Does the fact that I'm working with CIV 3d 2010 have anything to do with it?

    I attached the drawing with the polylines.
    It worked ok for me in C3D2010 with your dwg you attached.
    The foo lisp did, tlen lsp did not.
    J. Murphy
    The former AutoCAD MAP3D Power User

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