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Thread: AutoCAD 2010 layer issue

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    Default AutoCAD 2010 layer issue

    I am wanting to pick a new layer from the layer drop down area in AutoCAD 2010 but for some strange reason only one layer is showing and not all layers. This happens on and off and is very frustrating. Is this a software glitch or is there a setting somewhere to bring all my layers back? This never happened to me in AutoCAD 2009!

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    Default Re: AutoCAD 2010 layer issue

    Hi, welcome to AUGI.
    Perhaps you have a layer filter that is applied to the toolbar. Pick the layer manager button that shows a spanner.

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    Default Re: AutoCAD 2010 layer issue

    When this has happened to me, it's because the current layer list is a subset. Open the Layer Manager and you see a list of layers. The window on the left will tell you if you are looking at a filter or xref or some other subset (if it's not there, open the Layer Filters pane). Select All Layers. You should see the entire list, and that will carry over to the pull-down list.

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