Summary: Use viewframes to clip xrefs and datareferences.

Description: I would to have "white space" defined on the view frames as a clipping/masking boundary. These boundary lines would exist within the larger viewframe and would define the "white space" between the view frame edge and the xclipped/masked plan on the sheet file. The defined clipping/masking boundary is a more elegant method of hiding areas beyond a match line, than the current hatch line mask which only addresses areas to the left or right of a match line and does not address areas above and below an alignment.

How Used: When sheets are generated using the plan production tools, the clipping/masking boundaries would automatically xclip/mask any xrefs/drefs in the model space of the sheet files, if the user so chooses. The user can then annotate the sheet file in the white space between the viewport/viewframe limits and the clipped/masked plan.

This wish should also be able to allow 2 or more views per sheet (a previous wish by Kevin Mills) if the user so chooses, by dividing the template viewport/viewframe (useful for plan only sheets).

Feature Affinity: Plan Production

Submitted By: Nathan Selles-Alvarez on August 11, 2010