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Thread: Lost Default Icons for Express Tools with Customized .cui

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    Question Lost Default Icons for Express Tools with Customized .cui

    I open ACAD 2011 & would life to use my custom .cui file made using ACAD 2009. My custom .cui file from ACAD 09 (loaded as the Main.cui file in ACAD 2011) includes a partial customization file that I've customized for the Express Tools (a custom acetmain.cui file).

    I understand all of the new commands in AutoCAD 2010 and 2011 won't be in the .cui Dialog if I use a .cui from 2009, but that's a separate issue.

    (I notice after I choose my custom "Legacy" .cui file to load as the main file, ACAD 2011 converts it and the partial custom acetmain.cui customization file both to .cuix files.)

    Everything functions properly, except that the Icons I HAVE NOT CUSTOMIZED for my custom Express Tools toolbars can't be found (the default RCDATA ET icons (replaced with the ? icon).

    Is my understanding correct that .cuix files ALSO contain the info for customized icons, unlike .cui files?

    And if so, is this related to my problem? How can I fix?

    Are there any .cui/.cuix issues related to the new.dwg file format introduced for ACAD 2010? I recall I had much trouble with transfering .cui customizations from ACAD 2006 to 2007 that seemed to be related to ACAD 2007's .dwg file format change).

    Any authoritative feedback is much appreciated.
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