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Thread: automatic scheduled AEC object

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    Default automatic scheduled AEC object

    Paul F. Aubin is a good teacher who gave me agood advice to Property Set take quantity from own Schedule Table style. Follow this procedure & enjoy
    I am grateful to Paul.
    You need to create a Property Set Definition. Volume,area,length,height is an available automatic property for many objects including Walls.Beam,Slab,Column etc.

    The basic process is as follows:

    1. Open Style Manager, expand Documentation Objects, then Property Set Definitions.
    2. Create a new Property Set Definition. On the Applies to tab, check the objects you want to include like Walls, Slabs, Roofs, etc.
    3. On the Definition tab, click the Automatic Property icon on the right (small lightning bolt). Check Volume for each type of object.
    4. Add other properties you want.
    5. Stay in Style Manager and create a Schedule Table style. Make sure Applies to has the same settings as the Property Set.
    6. Click the Columns tab, and then click Add to add columns from your custom Property Set.
    7. Click OK and then add the schedule to test it out.

    Hope that helps.

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    Default Re: automatic scheduled AEC object

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