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    hello, i am all new with maya and i have some problems that are keep comming every time i turn on maya 2011.

    the problem shows when i start modeling and in some point when i turn on the shaded view my viewport become gray and i don't see anything. not even my model, or grid, nothing.
    when that happens i move the mouse around i and sometimes this gray view vanish and all become normal, but if i click with mouse or push any button, the problem starts again.

    i put some pictures so you can see.

    please help, i want to learn maya
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    Default Re: maya 2011

    Congrats on your first post, and welcome to the forums!

    ... Does your PC meet the minimum Autodesk Maya 2011 System Requirements?
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    Default Re: maya 2011

    Try saving your ready to render scene, resolution, quality etc, then close Maya. Go to your project directory and on your scene file go Right Click>Render, this will start Maya Batch without Maya, in turn it will give your available RAM a breather because Maya wont be eating!

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