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    Default Viewport Title Default

    I remember on the wishlist of Revit 2009 there was a "Viewport title default".
    Does anyone know if thats been implemented in 2011. I still can't find a way to do this.

    The work flow now is to modify Viewport1 to look like the company standard and than purge the one we just copied, since we can't delete the default in purge unused.
    Or switch it every time you drag it on.

    Wouldn't it be great to assign different viewports to different Numbered sheets.
    Sheets M0-->No title
    Sheets M1-->Scaled title
    Sheets M5 -->No Scaled Title

    Or however you do it.

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    Default Re: Viewport Title Default

    This is a great idea. Dragging viewports is a pain. Sorry I don't have any useful information.

    These are the kinds of things we put up with because there are so many other cool things that Revit can do, you'd think something simple like auto-populate sheets with the corresponding viewport at a predefined sheet grid location wouldn't be too much to ask.


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