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Thread: Sanitary Plumbing Lines not staying connected

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    Angry Sanitary Plumbing Lines not staying connected

    Greetings All:

    I have a problem with the schematic sanitary pluming lines not staying where I put them when it comes to the fittings I have placed. In particular I have been using WYEs for my fitting connections and I will place them and it looks good. I will usually have to choose a resolution to the connecting plumbing line not being at the same elevation as the existing plumbing object, but after I choose an option it looks the way I want it. I then close the drawing and open it back up and either the fittings have shifted over a little or the plumbing lines have shifted over and I can't understand why. Has anyone had this trouble before? I am new to MEP we are using 2010. Thanks for reading. I would appriciate any help you all could provide.


    Mike Tuter

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    Default Re: Sanitary Plumbing Lines not staying connected

    i had that issue in ACAD MEP 2011 (and a lot of it i think was related to opening files that were started in 2010, but i cannot confirm)
    installing the latest appears to have solved that issue, but this was for 2011. i actually never saw the problem in 2010 version (which i used for a year) until i started working in 2011.

    now im having an issue with the "plus" (+) symbols on the schematic[plumbing] fittings... they want to go in the opposite direction of where they should. (its hard to explain)

    for now,
    i would just download all of the latest udates for your version and see if that helps any.

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