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Thread: "Varies" in "Sill Height" Field for window schedule

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    Question "Varies" in "Sill Height" Field for window schedule

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I have an interesting problem that I am hoping someone can help with.

    The situation is this: I have a project that has windows (i know amazing right ). In any event we are doing a window schedule (chart form). The thing is we are doing it as a type schedule and not listing each and every window. The problem comes in when we group windows of the same "type" but different sill heights together without itemizing each window. The "sill height" field goes blank (understandably). My question is there a way to get Revit to put the word "Varies" in the place of that blank field?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: "Varies" in "Sill Height" Field for window schedule

    WARNING! Horrible Kludge Follows

    * Create a "working" Door Schedule, add a Parameter called Scheduled Sill Height of type Text, and place it in the schedule right next to Sill Height.
    * Now sort your working schedule by Type, then by Sill Height, and turn off Itemize Every Incidence. Adding a blank line after Type will also break them up and make the next steps easier.
    * Where a type only happens at the one height, you will only see the one line, where a type occurs at multiple heights you will see a line for each height.
    * Now you can cut n paste the "real" sill height into the Schedule Sill Height column for every type with only 1 line. Everything else gets "Varies". Because the Scheduled Sill Height is text, it will take the length copied from Sill Height just as easily as it takes the "Varies" text.
    * Now you make a real Schedule to be sheeted, that uses Scheduled Sill Height parameter, but with the column header renamed to Sill Height, Sorted only by Type and again Itemize Every Instance is off.

    Your schedule looks like you want, and if you keep that Working Schedule around, managing things as the design changes isn't too horrible. Not BIM, but at least Revit helps manage the dumb part, which is better than nothing, and much better than Excel!

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