Although it looks like this Impression forum is pretty much dead, I thought I would pass along a couple of tips on problems I ran into today. Maybe they'll help someone in the future who gets stuck like I did.

I'm working on a site plan DWG that has a raster image (JPG) inserted to show surrounding properties. I'm using paperspace and a viewport to clip the site and underlying image.

Tip 1 - At least one edge of the raster image needs to be visible in the viewport or Impression doesn't display the image. If your viewport is only catching a small portion of the image, but an edge isn't included you'll pull your hair out trying to figure out why it doesn't show up. I had to stretch my viewport out until it caught just a tiny bit of the image edge and then all was fine.

Tip 2 - In Autocad set IMAGEFRAME to 0. Otherwise you'll get a box around your image in Impression that you can't turn off. The strange part is that you don't just get a frame line where the edge of the image is visible through the viewport. You get a complete frame around the image, even though 3 sides of it are clipped by the viewport.

Anyway, strange behavior for Impression, but not hard to work around once you know about it.

Hope this helps someone.