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Thread: MvPart Type Classification Definitions

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    Default MvPart Type Classification Definitions

    Does anyone know how to add new MvPart Type Classification Definitions? I have followed the procedures outlined in the Reference Manual but this has not worked. The procedure is to go through Style Manager, navigate through "Multi-Purpose Objects", "Classification Definitions", to "MvPart Type". Here you get a listing of the default classifications, but I am not able to edit the existing or add new definitions (i.e. the "ADD" button is greyed out). In developing new content for the ABS catalog, I need to add additional classifications to accommodate the new MvParts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think if I can locate the file where the classification definitions are stored in like a template file or something I could edit them maybe but as of now the "add" button is greyed out.

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    Default Re: MvPart Type Classification Definitions

    anybody anybody

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