Summary: Add parameters to part builder to be able to model flared end sections correctly.

Description: I would like to be able to dimension a profile to profile in part builder as well as tell it to use the invert for flared end section rather than a rim and have it display correctly in profile view

How Used: currently in the part builder the only way I can dimension from work plane to work plane is using the model dimension, but I would like to be able to have a dimension from a profile on one plane to another on a diffrent plane. In the case of a flared end section I don't have a way currently to varry the length from where it couples to the pipe to where the end that would be at ground level. Also the block that is used for the profile view of the end section dose not show correctly in size or shape or direction so currently we manualy insert a dynamic block that has diffrent sizes to show the end sections.

Feature Affinity: Pipes

Submitted By: NATHAN BRIMER on November 1, 2010