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Thread: Sheet set / Sheet custom properties data validation

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    Exclamation Sheet set / Sheet custom properties data validation


    I need to apply some kind of “data validation” on the custom properties entries to maintain some consistency throughout the whole sheet set regardless of which team member had filled it in, and also to eliminate spelling mistakes as possible.

    To achieve this, I need to be able to do the following:
    1-Get some of the sheet set custom properties to be filled using a preset drop down list (i.e. “Project Status” > “DRAFT”, “PRELIMINARY”,…etc).
    2-Some of the long drop down lists will need to be referenced from an external data file (i.e. an XLS file containing all the localities names).
    3-Control the date’s entries to be in one specific format only (i.e. dd/mm/yy not dd-mm-yy).



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    Default Re: Sheet set / Sheet custom properties data validation

    simplest approach would be to look at for his sheet set editing tools. while I don't think that will give you external validation from a spreadsheet, it will give you a table format for editing/comparing multiple sheets in the set concurrently.
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