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    Default Anonymous Block Name

    I am having issues with some of my Dynamic blocks. I understand that the Anonymous names are Autocads way of keeping the block definitions separate. Is there anyway to rename these Anonymous names to something that makes sense instead of *U11, *U4..etc.

    I have found a few lisp routines that will pull out a count of blocks for me, straight to excel with the format that I want. My Dynamic blocks that a lot of time has been invested in are coming up as the Anonymous names not what the Visibility State that they actually are, or even the name of the block. I would rather spend the time adjusting the Anonymous names to mean something rather then recreate all my blocks as not dynamic.

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    Default Re: Anonymous Block Name

    You might consider feeding the EffectiveName Property value (of the Block's Vla-Object) to your Excel spreadsheet.

    EffectiveName Property example
    (defun c:TEST (/ e)
      (if (and (setq e (car (entsel "\n  >>  Select a Block: ")))
               (= "INSERT" (cdr (assoc 0 (entget e)))))
        (prompt (strcat "\n  >>  EffectiveName = \""
                          (vlax-ename->vla-object e))
        (prompt "\n  <!>  Object Selected is Not a Block  <!>"))
    Hope this helps!
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