Data Extraction Wizard strange behavior (Autocad 2010, 64 Bit, Windows 7 OS):
I've put a previous data extraction dxe file in a networked location to use as a template for new extractions. Next steps in using it for a new data extraction:

1.Begin wizard for data extraction.

2. Check button for "use previous extraction as a template" and browse to the dxe file, which is in a networked location. Click next.

3. Follow prompt to save the new data extraction file (gets saved locally).

4. FAIL POINT: I check radio button for "select objects in current drawing", and click the icon to the right to select them. After selecting my objects, I then click "next", but the dialog box only briefly flashes and remains on same screen instead of advancing.

The dialog will advance if I use the option for "drawings/sheet" instead. It will also advance if I use the same dxe template file but stored locally instead of at a networked location. The dialog will also eventually advance if I first hit back button and uncheck the "use previous extraction as a template", hit next, select my objects, hit next again, and then go all the way back again to recheck the "use previous extraction" box and browse to my networked dxe file.

This is troublesome, since I'm trying to simplify door schedule creation for my users and having a master template in a networked location is critical.