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Thread: copy menu to another computer

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    Default copy menu to another computer

    How do you copy a menu and all of your settings from one computer to anothe

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    Default Re: copy menu to another computer

    Menu files have a .CUIX file extension. If you are talking about a custom menu, find it (you can run the CUI command, click on the menu name, then look in the right pane to find the location and file name), then copy to the other machine - where you run the MENULOAD command and select the file.

    Settings are a different story. It depends on what you are talking about. Some settings are saved in the drawing, some are saved in the registry (AutoCAD profile), some are not saved anywhere, and other things such as tool palettes and shortcuts are saved in separate files.

    In the meantime, if you are interested in making this process seamless for next time, take a look at this method of setup where you keep all customization in one place making migration or copying very easy.
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    Default Re: copy menu to another computer

    I think I should point out that the CUIx is not just menu files. Its also toolbars, workspaces, and a number of other user-interface settings as well.

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