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Thread: numpad or speedpad as extention

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    Default numpad or speedpad as extention

    I am thinking of attaching a new imput device to my PC in order to improve drafting time.

    What kind of imput device do you recommend?

    I have seen numpads and gamer speedpads.
    Are these useful? Are these compatible with Autocad Architecture 2011?
    Or is there an other device ment for drafters?

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    Default Re: numpad or speedpad as extention

    hi There. I am right handed but use a right-handed mouse as Left-handed, with no change
    I figured out to defun C) command save etc. I now have 100's of FREE numeric LISP routines

    for basic everyday use, mostly Layers, but You can write whatever You want for any cad use.


    (defun c:0/ () (command ".layer" "t" "0" "on" "0" "s" "0" "") (princ))
    (defun c:014 () (command ".layer" "t" "0" "on" "0" "s" "0" "on" "*" "") (princ))

    (defun c:/ () (command "laymcur") (princ))
    (defun c:// () (command "laycur") (princ))
    (defun c:/// () (progn (load "mat-mtc") (c:mtc)) (princ))
    ;(defun c:/+ () (c:laylck) (princ))
    (defun c:/+* () (command ".layer" "lock" "*" "") (princ))
    (defun c:/+- () (command ".layer" "lock" "*" "unlock" (getvar "clayer") "") (princ))
    ;(defun c:/- () (c:layulk) (princ))
    (defun c:/+/ () (progn (setq ssg (entsel)) (setq ssg (cdr (assoc 8 (entget (car ssg)))))
    (command ".layer" "s" ssg "lo" "*" "un" ssg "") (princ)))
    (defun c:/-/ () (progn (setq ssg (entsel)) (setq ssg (cdr (assoc 8 (entget (car ssg)))))
    (command ".layer" "s" ssg "lo" ssg "un" "*" "") (princ)))
    (defun c:/-* () (command ".layer" "unlock" "*" "") (princ))
    (defun c:/0+ () (command ".layer" "lock" "0" "") (princ))
    (defun c:/0- () (command ".layer" "unlock" "0" "") (princ))
    (defun c:/0+* () (command ".layer" "lock" "0-*" "") (princ))
    (defun c:/0-* () (command ".layer" "unlock" "0-*" "") (princ))
    (defun c:/+0 () (command ".layer" "lock" "~0-*" "") (princ))
    (defun c:/-0 () (command ".layer" "unlock" "~0-*" "") (princ))
    (defun c:/* () (c:laymch) (princ))
    (defun c:/** () (command "_matchprop") (princ))

    and This is for my complicated Layering system

    (defun c:1230 () ;;; wall
    (command "setbylayer""all""""""")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*" "")
    (command ".layer" "t" "0" "on" "0" "s" "0" "")

    (command ".layer" "t" "*bldg" "on" "*bldg" "")
    (command ".layer" "t" "*bldg-0*" "on" "*bldg-0*" "")
    (command ".layer" "t" "*bldg-1*" "on" "*bldg-1*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*bldg-1*door*" "off" "*bldg-1*door*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*bldg-1*wind*" "off" "*bldg-1*wind*" "")
    (command ".layer" "t" "*wall*" "on" "*wall*" "")
    (command ".layer" "t" "*wall*half*" "on" "*wall*half*" "")
    (command ".layer" "t" "*wall*upto*" "on" "*wall*upto*" "")

    (command ".layer" "f" "*stru*grid*" "off" "*stru*grid*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*bldg-2*" "off" "*bldg-2*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*bldg-3*" "off" "*bldg-3*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*bldg-4-over*" "off" "*bldg-4-over*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*bldg-5-clng*" "off" "*bldg-5-clng*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*bldg-5-clng*head*" "off" "*bldg-5-clng*head*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*bldg-6-data*" "off" "*bldg-6-data*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*bldg-6-xmpe-blow*" "off" "*bldg-6-xmpe-blow*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*bldg-6-xmpe-over*" "off" "*bldg-6-xmpe-over*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*bldg-7-roof*" "off" "*bldg-7-roof*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*bldg-8-safe*" "off" "*bldg-8-safe*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*bldg-9*demo*" "off" "*bldg-9*demo*" "")

    (command ".layer" "f" "*eqpt*" "off" "*eqpt*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*fixt*" "off" "*fixt*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*furn*" "off" "*furn*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*elec*" "off" "*elec*" "")

    (command ".layer" "f" "*plan*" "off" "*plan*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*area*" "off" "*area*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*dims*" "off" "*dims*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*syms*" "off" "*syms*" "")
    (command ".layer" "f" "*text*" "off" "*text*" "")

    (command ".layer" "t" "*ttls*" "on" "*ttls*" "")
    (command ".layer" "t" "*defpoints*" "on" "*defpoints*" "")
    (command ".layer" "s" "0" "")
    (command nil nil nil)

    You can have anything You want, excepting Alice, but aliases Yes.

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    Default Re: numpad or speedpad as extention

    A numpad or a speedpad are both types of input devices that can be used as an extension to a standard keyboard.

    A numpad, also known as a numeric keypad, is a set of keys that is typically used for entering numerical data. It usually includes keys for numbers 0-9, as well as keys for mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. A numpad can be useful for users who frequently need to enter numerical data, such as accountants or data entry workers.

    A speedpad, also known as a keypad, is a small keyboard that is designed to be used with one hand. It typically includes a small number of keys that can be programmed to perform specific functions or shortcuts. Speedpads are commonly used by gamers and people who frequently use shortcuts.

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