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Thread: Station Offset Label Question

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    Default Station Offset Label Question

    Is it possible to extend the leader line under the text portion of this type of label? We have a style that has stacked text with the Station over the Offset but the leader line is attached to the middle right of the text and I want it to extend under the text. Any help?

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    Default Re: Station Offset Label Question

    Here's how I handle it.

    In your style, layout tab, add a component for "Line". Have this component be anchored to your Feature.
    Add two components for text, one anchored above the line, and one anchored below the line. (My text is reference text that references the aligment to automatically update.)

    When you need to stretch the label, the leader should then be attached to your horizontal line. If you need to change the length of your horizontal line to fit your sheet better, you can click on the leader and add a vertex.


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