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Thread: Module Load Error - Print driver?

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    Default Module Load Error - Print driver?

    Hi, hope this is the right forum.

    AutoCAD2011 just loaded, got it all customized the way i like it.

    Problem is, every time 2011 starts, and every time I open a dwg, I get the Dialog box "Heidi Module Load Error/ X the configured Heidi driver cannot be loaded. Switching to default driver" with an OK box that must be hit to proceed. Then it starts, fine. Until i go to print something. Then I get the "bad" sound and this box. Then 2 beeps, then the sound and the box again. Each time I have to hit OK, to move along. Finally it prints, but takes forever!

    I print to 4 different (windows) printers, (3 networked, 1 direct connected) plus PDF. it happens with all of them.

    I find this curious, because my name is Heide, not Heidi. I'm guessing somewhere along the line someone in IT setup my CPU with my name spelled wrong. I don't recall making any modules, don't even know where this Module came from, where it lives or how to get rid of it.

    All the windows printers show up in the printer list, plus a bunch of dupicates with .pc3 extensions.

    Anyone know how i can get rid of this omnipresent Module Load Error?

    Thanks for your help!


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    Default Re: Module Load Error - Print driver?

    Ok, so after searching the web it appears there are display drivers called Heidi drivers, Heidi Software and Heidi OpenGL. Who knew? Still not sure why I get this message when starting 2011, when opening a dwg, and twice when printing.

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