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Thread: Upgrading to windows 7 64bit

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    Default Upgrading to windows 7 64bit

    Im running a hp xw4600 workstation with the specs listed below and want to go 2 windows 7 64bit Can i?

    Q6600 2.4 core2quad
    Fx 1700 512 mb graphics card
    4g ram

    Running revit architecture 2009-2011

    Do you know issues

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    Default Re: Upgrading to windows 7 64bit

    No can even upgrade your RAM to a max of 16GB....
    Michael "MP" Patrick
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    Default Re: Upgrading to windows 7 64bit

    As long as your models are typically smaller than about 100 Meg, you should be fine.
    If your models are often larger, you might want to think about adding RAM. It's pretty cheap these days.
    I assume you're upgrading from XP? If so, a good indicator is how often you crash or run out of memory. If you never ran out of memory in XP, you probably don't need it for 7.
    But the more RAM you have, the more you can keep open at one time. Adding RAM doesn't make an individual program go any faster, but it does make it quicker to swap between, say Revit, Outlook, and Word.

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    Default Re: Upgrading to windows 7 64bit

    I finally got a box that works!.
    HP Z400 running win 7-64. No real problems I've run across.
    (other box specs listed on sig line)
    Oh and I can drop up to 24 gigs in this one (I think. Running 18 right now)

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