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Thread: Enabling Worksharing problem: taking long time ???

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    Default Enabling Worksharing problem: taking long time ???

    So we have this Interiors template file we have been working on perfecting and found something very odd. It was taking 20 minutes to enable worksharing on a project started with this template. Since then we trimmed out some of the fat our interiors folks put in the file that made it 32Mb. It is now 20 mb and takes 7 minutes to enable worksharing.
    Our Architecture template is similarly sized and takes 25 seconds to enable worksharing.
    Have u ever seen anything like this before. I am at a loss.

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    Default Re: Enabling Worksharing problem: taking long time ???

    I have seen some files take "longer" to enable Worksharing. I've attributed this to "more stuff" in the file. Is the template an upgraded upgraded upgraded file from several releases back? Have you run Audit? Are there materials, line patterns, fill patterns and other legacy "junk" from cad file imports lurking? What does Purge Unused report for how many things are checked or "purgable"?

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