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Thread: HEELP! unable to create AVI-file!

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    Default HEELP! unable to create AVI-file!

    I'm making a short animation on 3ds max design, it's supposed to be about 10 seconds, and I can't seem to find where I can control the animation speed. I render out the frames to AVI format, (abot 250 frames) but when I play the animation in VCL or any other mediaplayer it seems to lack length completely - the timeindicator shows 00.00.00. I'd appreciate a quick answer since the animation must be done in really soon!! Thank you for your help in advance.

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    Default Re: HEELP! unable to create AVI-file!

    Suggestion: instead of rendering straight to AVI, render out a sequnce of still frames in TGA or PNG format. Load those into RAM player (Rendering>RAM Player), then save out the AVI. 10 Seconds would be 300 frames (30 frames/sec x 10).

    Sounds like more work, but it's safer to go with a sequence route. If the render crashes, the AVI is lost. At least with a sequence you can start rendering again where the sequnce left off at the time of the crash.

    Hope that helps,

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    Default Re: HEELP! unable to create AVI-file!

    If you want to stay with the AVI file just right click on the play button and change the number of frames to more than what you have for more time and less for less time.

    Cheers Peter.

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