We are looking at putting Vault Collaboration 2011 into the business however need some clarification on whether this would work or not.
The idea is to have 3 servers as Vault stores (1 being virtualised) and the database on our SQL server. Please be aware these servers are currently used for other applications; however, we could possibly buy more RAM and disk space. The current size of our CAD/CAM data within windows explorer is around 8GB. Please see server specs below:

Store 1: Quad 2.00 Ghz Intel Xeon E5504, 8GB (5GB currently used), 440GB free space, Win Server 2008 Std SP2 64-Bit

Store 2: Quad 2.40 Ghz Intel Xeon E5620, 4GB (1GB currently used), 1TB free space, Win Server 2003 Std R2 32-Bit

Store 3: 2 x Quad 2.40 Ghz Intel Xeon E5620, 8GB (5.5GB currently used), 1.1TB free space, Win Server 2008 Std R2 64-Bit.

Database: Quad 2.33 Ghz Intel Xeon E5345, 16GB (9GB currently used), free space, Win Server 2003 R2 Enterprise 32-Bit, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition SP3.

The servers are used for the following applications:

Store 1: File server for CAMCAM data – which will be migrated into the Vault, Print server for 64-bit users, and Radan – which will eventually be shutdown.

Store 2: File server, print server, and Radan/Radview – again, will eventually be shutdown.

Store 3: Running Hyper-V as a service enabling virtual servers: - Virtual 1: Intranet backup server.

Database: Live SQL databases: Kapersky for mobile devices. Backup SQL server for: Intranet & Rightfax.

1) Would the above hardware and setup work for Vault C 2011?

2) Would Vault C run on the server specs above?

3) Do all servers need the same OS platform for Vault C & store replication or, can we install Vault C on the above severs and replicate the stores?

4) Could we replicate all 3 stores using this setup (excluding the database)?

5) Can we use a virtualised environment (using Hyper-V) for one of the Vault stores?

6) Can the database sit on a different server to the local vault store?

7) On the SQL Server: Do I need to make a new instance for the databse, or can I put the database under an existing instance that runs other applications (Kaspersky)?

8 ) Autodesk recommend the following for Vault server replication (vault server only): 300GB disk space, 3GB RAM, & Intel Pentium 4, Intel Xeon, etc. What are the server requirements for a server which is just holding the database?

If you need any more information, give me a shout and will be happy to help.